Equipment Financing: Professional Equipment Financing Programs

Get the equipment financing your company needs right away. At Dorra Financial Group, we have countless options for equipment leasing and loans for your business. Get excellent interest rates and terms that adapt to your goals. Whether you’re looking for construction equipment or computer systems, you can find the right loan or lease to cover it comfortably.

Great Terms for Equipment Loans and Leases

Our equipment loans are large enough to cover heavy machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, and more. Purchase tractors, semi-trucks and other needed equipment. We offer some of the best terms around:

  • Low interest rates
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Long terms with fixed interest
  • Low or no down payment needed
  • Many types of monthly payments
  • Simple application and approval
  • Fast financing

Save money by choosing terms that adapt to your business operations. Whether you need the lowest monthly payments possible or the best interest rates, we can help.

Alternative Equipment Financing Programs

What if you haven’t been in business for two years yet? Don’t worry. Our startup equipment leasing and loans can cover your company’s needs. This type of financing helps you get the equipment you need to build a stronger business and customer base.

Does your company have some credit issues? That’s not necessarily an obstacle. Choose our B, C and D credit programs to get terms that meet your current needs. We can work with you to design a loan or lease that is comfortable for your finances but still large enough to get the equipment you want.

Do you mainly have working capital needs? Some business owners use their equity in equipment to generate a large working capital loan. You can use our sale-and-lease-back program to get funds for real estate expansion and remodeling, inventory purchases and many other needs.

Equipment Finance Professionals

Getting started with our equipment leasing and financing is easy. We’re by your side to answer any questions and offer professional recommendations. Contact us today to see how we can help.