Due to the busy life of most parents, preschool-aged children often receive some form of child care. Most of the kids are cared for by babysitters, nannies, and other family members, and nearly 1 in 4 children under the age of five is taken to an organized daycare center for childcare services. Below is a list of steps to starting a daycare center, even if you have no prior experience.

Research About Daycare Licensing Requirements

You may have started as a nanny or babysitter but must meet the required licensing requirements when creating a daycare business. That way, you can offer childcare services without running into legal trouble. You may start by contacting the state’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to learn more about specific regulations for childcare service providers. You must have CPR certification, a clean driving record, and documents proving you are committed to providing quality child care. Ask your local agency questions to ensure you satisfy all the requirements.

Create a Daycare Business Plan

Have a business plan that defines your daycare’s operations and procedures, a mission statement, budget, and staffing. The business plan helps to keep you on track and guides you through the startup process. It would be best if you also researched the costs of launching a profitable childcare services business. You may fund your daycare startup with your own money, daycare grants, or a small business loan.

Find a Location for Your Daycare

Whether you are planning to rent an already existing daycare, start an in-home daycare, or start a daycare from scratch, you must find a conducive location for your daycare business. Ensure you check the childcare licensing guidelines and the city’s zoning laws to ensure the daycare business complies with the guidelines.

Get Insurance

All daycare centers require various insurance types to protect children and businesses. Insurance policies include property, liability, business insurance, and workers’ compensation. You have to check with the local childcare provider’s licensing requirements for guidance.

Hire Staff to Run Your Daycare

A daycare with qualified staff is highly sought after by most parents. Childcare staff are subjected to fingerprinting and background checks for further background investigation.

Starting a daycare business is challenging but also rewarding in the long run. You must have a general roadmap for how to get started and contact an expert from Dorra Financial Group to know how you can secure funds to run your daycare.