Purchase Order Financing: Could Your Business Benefit from Purchase Order Financing?

Is your business looking for financing that will allow you to purchase presold goods and give you the ability to pay your vendors promptly? You may want to inquire about the purchase order financing solution we offer here at Dorra Financial Group. This program is designed with wholesalers, resellers and distributors in mind. Once you’re approved and have the cash in your account, you can stop worrying about how you’ll pay for your next order and focus instead on how to improve your business and keep your customers satisfied.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Our purchase order financing program is an attractive solution for businesses because it provides:

  • Flexible funding in minimal time
  • Greater ability to expand your market share
  • Opportunity to fulfill customer orders and deliver them on time

When you qualify for purchase order financing, no debt is placed on the books, so you can preserve your business credit ratings and protect your equity. We frequently approve businesses that have had prior rejections or that don’t have any access to capital.

Improve Your Financial Position

If you’re struggling with limited funds and can’t fulfill your customers’ orders promptly, we would love to help. Contact us today and ask if you can go through our pre-qualification process for our purchase order financing program.