Are you thinking about taking out a business loan or business lines of credit to start or better a company but don’t know what is best to choose? There are multiple avenues from which to choose a payment method to keep the business thriving.

Business Loan

With a business loan, the full amount of the loan is given. This means that whether the total amount is used or not, it will have to be paid back in full. The amount given is decided on the credit score of the applicants and their ability to pay the loan back promptly.

Business Lines of Credit

In this form of business credit, a set amount of funds are approved. However, unlike a loan that requires the total amount received to be paid back, only the amount used has to be returned. For example, given an $80,000 line of credit but only $15,000 is used, only the $15,000 has to be paid back to the bank or lender. That $15,000 will be subtracted from the total amount of the line of credit.

Revolving Business Lines of Credit

Think of this form of credit as a credit card. This type of credit can use by a business owner. With a revolving credit, when part of the credit is used and then paid off, it is added back to the preexisting amount. If the credit of $80,000 is given and  $15,000 is used, as soon as that $15,000 is paid off, it gets added back to the original $80,000. This means the full amount will always be there and accessible. Other than this one difference between revolving and nonrevolving credit, going about getting one is the same.

Secured vs Unsecured

Each of these options has both a secure and an unsecured option. In a secure loan or credit, there has to be some sort of collateral. Usually, what is used are possessions of the applicants with high value. An unsecured loan or business credit doesn’t need any type of collateral. This method is less risky and safest to use as a business owner. An unsecured business loan or line of credit is also typically faster and simple to achieve. 

Remember to ask the lender or bank what loan or line of credit is best for the company. Having the proper loan or line of credit can make all the difference to improving an existing business or starting one from scratch.