If you’re looking to gain and retain more customers (and who isn’t?), invest in website personalization. Your online business can be better than ever by catering directly to visitors of your online store. 

Quicker Sales

Sales teams tire out when spending the bulk of their time searching for qualified leads. Create a website marketing campaign that segments your audience into personalized funnels. The strategy can arm your sales department to problem-solve for customers with the perfect products. Salespeople get to the best prospects quickly and spend less time closing a deal.

Targeted Product Recommendations

Your site can collect valuable data to discern precisely what item a shopper is looking for. More than ever, customers want to comparison shop and investigate. Use software to personalize and recommend comparable items on the page. You also can upsell with add-ons and warranties related to the item once they purchase. Link to onsite product reviews and send emails with news on price changes and deals to entice them back to the site.

More Time on the Website

Let the visit history and cookies to deliver value to customers. Blogs with product reviews, demonstrations and instructions keep customers on your site longer. Build your site in a way that welcomes visitors back and lets them pick up right where they left off.

Brand Loyalty

Shoppers want to sense a personality behind the brand. Online shopping can be just like making a digital visit to their favorite brick-and-mortar shop. Make the shopping experience as seamless as possible, and customers will stick to you, even if other brands offer lower prices and other unique selling propositions.

A loyalty program is an excellent way to gain repeat business, but a poorly-tailored loyalty system becomes a sore spot among customers. Customers keep returning to the comfort of your site with that personal touch.

Better Conversion for CTAs

Customers typically need the motivation to take the final step, and when it feels like a trusted friend is guiding them, they’re more likely to heed the call. Avoid repeating the same CTAs to returning visitors. For example, if you repeatedly ask an email subscriber to subscribe to your mailing list, you can annoy clients and lose their business. Presenting fresh offerings builds anticipation and engagement.

Website personalization pays off by earning you a strong repeat customer base that promotes your shopping experience over competitors. Take advantage of user data to benefit your customers and build your brand.